Thursday, October 15, 2009

Animal welfare in hard economic times.

I've have a neighbor who belongs to Friends of BARC a group who volunteers at the city animal shelter...BARC is always in need of supplies and donations..
I've been considering designing a tile/plaque, easy to produce, from which a portion of the sales would be donated to different animal welfare organizations...i already donate, when i have extra funds, to the Houston Humane Society.
 During this bad economic time we are seeing a large number of pets being abandoned...if you cannot keep your animal please do not just shove it out the door to fend for cruel...take it to one of the many animal shelters .

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Izzy said...

oh, i just found your blog through your entry to my giveaway and i have to tell you that i love your spirit rattles!!! so you make them, i'll buy them and then you donate to keep those sweet creatures from having such a rough life... much light and love for your kindness and heart.