Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm in the midst of Holiday production...
Fortunately many accounts have been placing their orders early this year...
Of course by potter/clay standards 5-6 weeks is not a long time when you factor in making the pieces, drying times and firing schedules,may be some refiirng included .. it will be Dec. 1st in a flash.
My goal is to have all current rattle orders out next week...If the weather will that wishful thinking ?
Then i hope to get some time to make sculptures..

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Animal welfare in hard economic times.

I've have a neighbor who belongs to Friends of BARC a group who volunteers at the city animal shelter...BARC is always in need of supplies and donations..
I've been considering designing a tile/plaque, easy to produce, from which a portion of the sales would be donated to different animal welfare organizations...i already donate, when i have extra funds, to the Houston Humane Society.
 During this bad economic time we are seeing a large number of pets being abandoned...if you cannot keep your animal please do not just shove it out the door to fend for cruel...take it to one of the many animal shelters .

Monday, October 12, 2009

kiln misfirings

I made the mistake of loading/firing a kiln while too tired...
who has not done that? we all  know the events that can follow.
 I had not looked to check that the kiln  was starting on LOW..
when it was time to turn up to medium i discovered it had been on High from the start..what to do...
 i turned it down to med for 90 minutes then back up to high..and said a prayer to all who would listen
this morning...good fotune...only one bottom blew out...with very little mess.... no big mess to deal with is a potters dream when disaster strikes...
and now we know...the rattles are very forgiving...onward to glazing today.
note to self...slow down closer attention..